At one point every individual, team or organisation goes through phases of development & transition.

 What we do? 
We provide key skills, information and support
to advance clients in their...

Executive Coaching Work-life balanceSelf-development
High Performance Teams ommunication & Dynamics ody & Mind
Public Speaking Presentations Skills Facilitation Training
Preparing keynote speakers Designing logos and materials
Student Advice Career Workshops Internship Coordination Editing

 And how? 


Provide space and guidance to pause, reflect, plan and execute.


Transfer information, skills, new perspective and a platform to learn more about one's self and others.


Offer expert advice on advancing careers, events and team work.

 By whom? 

 Who we work with? 


Demystifying Coaching:Do you “live to work” or “work to live”?

by Mona Shair-Wloch

It is a struggle for all of us to find a life balance between work and family. Seemingly, work and life exist as two separate entities to be chosen from. That, if we are to be happy we must choose between a happy home and happiness at work. However, this is a misnomer.
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Getting it done: Tips on going from a blank page to a finished project for students.

by Jake Slosser

Whether it is polishing a cover letter for a job application or writing the term paper that is due in a few days, getting from the blank page to a finished product can be the paragon of student stress. Just getting started is one thing, but seeing it through can be all the more difficult.
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Why brainstorming in meetings does not work and how to do it differently!

by Nils Reubke

Are your meetings efficient? Do they produce new ideas? Does your team leave the room energised? If yes, you are lucky. Many meetings are considered inefficient and unnecessary, mainly due to insufficient preparation or bad organisation.
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