It usually takes me more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech.
Mark Twain


Basic Presentation Skills

The goal of this session is to understand and practice the most important pillars needed to maximize one`s impact when speaking to an audience. At the end of the training, participants will have understood their communication style and gained awareness on how to connect with various audiences and leave a lasting impression. The training session is exercise intensive and covers the importance of structure, voice, body language and presence.

Advanced Public Speaking

Often we have the most difficulty understanding and interacting with audiences whose preferences are different to our own. Recognizing these characteristics can help in developing strategies for personal growth and enhanced impact. This workshop encourages participants to practice the delivery of motivational, serious and trust-building speeches. During these advanced sessions, a big emphasis is placed on emotional expressiveness, body language and voice coaching.

How to create and deliver training seminars of your own

Why are training seminars and workshops so important? Consider the consequences of not “getting it right”. The content ends up not being accepted, understood, or liked. One would risk the disengagement of participants, a failure to learn, a damaged reputation, and a possible negative effect on career development. There are many ways to engage the audience to make your training sessions more lively, fun and memorable.

Facilitation skills

Anyone who has ever led a structured facilitation, understands the challenge of engaging an audience whilst having them walk out with impactful outcomes. In this session, the aim is to provide effective tools and methods to take a facilitation session to the next level. All participants receive an in-depth handout packed with checklists and worksheets for planning and conducting a facilitated workshop, meeting or conference.

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Anyone that wants to enhance their presence, successfully manage their nerves, be recognised for their expertise, transmit competence and make sure that people remember their message, training session, facilitation or speech.


One-on-one sessions

Private individuals or team members that would like to work on their presentation skills, can book an intensive individual session with one of our trainers. To reinforce the results, trainers incorporate video-feedback alongside practical exercises.

Group training

key2advance provides in-house training sessions for groups in companies, training institutes, graduate schools and NGOs. We believe in:

Titus Hanke

Senior Director of Revenue Management Middle East, Africa & Turkey, Hilton

"Thanks again for the amazing day. The team was super excited about the session and repeatedly spoke about it the days after… I think we’ve sparked a flame in some of the individuals and solidified and improved the rest. We’ll keep the spirit alive and critique each other around public speaking appearances. "
Dr Katarzyna Pisarska

Founder & Director, European Academy of Diplomacy

"The key2advance public speaking workshops have been one of the most extraordinary and successful classes our Academy has been offering to its students. Our young leaders - over 7000 Alumni coming from more than 100 countries - are surely a demanding audience. Yet these workshops - organized with Mona Shair and her team since 2010 - have not only met our students expectations but almost always exceeded them. Even the most shy participants come out from the class with self-confidence in speaking in front of groups. It is a highly recommended experience."
Martina Boettcher

Regional Director of Marketing, Africa & Indian Ocean

"Our regional team has benefited from long lasting impact of the communication and presentation skills training. Mona has the great ability to personalize her message for each member of the group and as a result every participant takes advantage of increased self-awareness and advice for further development. Her sessions left impressions that positively influence our collaboration as a team and improved our understanding of teach team member. "
Nicolas Dubrocard

International Green Key Director, Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE)

"I was used to speak in public for years, and I knew there was still room for improvements. Mona could identify my weaknesses and help me to correct them with easy tools that I will for sure implement in my next presentations. Thanks for this and all the advices to wake up the audience!!"
Marie-Christine Halfen

Merchandise Allocator, ESPRIT

"The two day training with Mona Shair-Wloch was very inspirational as well as energizing and I was able to generate a huge success in my presentation style. Mona gave excellent analysis and great feedback. What I appreciated most about working with Mona was her ability to keep a focus on the participants. The training was amazing! Keep up the good work!"
Sandrina Rodrigues

PhD Fellow at the United Nations University

"This was an extremely useful and very practical way to learn and master many techniques to improve my public speaking skills and to control the nerves that often inhibit effective public speaking. Mona is particularly talented and passionate in teaching and transferring the new skills. She is personable and direct. She offers constructive criticism in a very encouraging way. I will forever be a more effective presenter after having participated in this course. Many thanks Mona!!! "
Ann-Marie Wilcock


"The workshop was fantastic from both an educational point of view and,most importantly, from a personal perspective. I already have 13 years of experience in journalism and politics but this workshop has significantly improved the way I present myself. "
Mariana Rocha

International Partnership for Human Rights, Advocacy and Project Management

"As someone working in the EU advocacy field, public speaking is a very important and key asset to have! Mona helped to cross internal limits and open up creativity and passion that resides in us. I also learned all aspects of how information is processed by the audience, so it will be much easier to reach people next time! "

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