Resiliency is something you do, more than something you have. . .
Al Siebert


Resilience for Leaders

When working with leaders, it is our goal to transmit effective methods and strategies to help build, develop and strengthen our clients´ individual resilience on a physical, mental and emotional level. During these seminars, we help our clients identify their sources of stress, learn to read their own signals and set healthy boundaries in their professional and personal lives. These workshops are offered in both English and German. For more information on our upcoming retreats, please see below.

Insights and Quick Wins

We all find ourselves in stressful situations from time to time. Whether at work, during our studies, or when life throws nasty surprises at us. This is normal. But, when does it become problematic? When are people in danger of stress becoming distress and a danger to our health and what do we need to do to avoid this? This workshop gives basic insights into what stress is, where it comes from, and the negative effects it can have. Participants will also identify their stress sources and gain tips on how to better manage thesem.

Body & Mind:
Enhancing Performance

This two-day stress management workshop helps participants devise strategies and behavioural patterns to improve recovery, reduce stress, and enhance overall performance. Participants will learn how to identify their stress related physical and mental symptoms and how to better manage them. Themes include work-life balance, nutrition and mindfulness. The workshop consists of indoor and outdoor activities, whilst also offering participants time in the group and individually with both trainers.

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Resilience coaching is for anyone who faces high demands in their personal or professional life and wants to receive guidance and support from external, qualified and non-judgemental experts. We have experience working with senior leaders, managers, young professionals, entrepreneurs and graduates. Our upcoming retreats focus on people in leadership roles who need to take time out to reflect, learn and receive personalised tips to enhance their resilience to stress.


Our experts can be booked for lectures or full-day workshops depending on the needs and expectations of our clients. We also offer retreats in exclusive and relaxing locations where we work with professionals in leadership positions on building their individual resilience. While we offer our workshops in both English and German, our upcoming retreats will be held in German. For more information, we invite you to browse through both options.

Wege zur Resilienz für Führungskräfte

From October 9th to October 13th 2019 close to Wiesbaden (in German)

Wege zur Resilienz für Führungskräfte

Aqaba, Jordan (in German) tbc

Sandro Bohrmann

Market Vice President, Luxury Brands, Eastern Europe, Marriott

" With their holistic approach on body-mind performance, Mona and Patrick have taken wellbeing to a new level for me. In particular Patrick’s recommendations on nutrition and exercise have triggered some lifestyle changes with me that I still follow now, two years later. As a result, my quality of sleep and recovery have significantly improved. "
Thomas Willms

CEO Deutsche Hospitality & Steigenberger Hotels AG

"I would absolutely recommend this training to other teams! My team is important and we need to perform well, which is why we decided to book a body & mind training with Mona and Patrick. The team left inspired, positive and more informed on how to take care of their physical and mental performance in addition to finding a balance between life and work. "
Alper Can Bulcum

General Manager, The St. Regis Istanbul

"Thanks to individual coaching sessions with Mona, I better understand how to manage conflict and have developed my communication and stress management skills. Mona built up great trust with me since the first moment we met, and I opened myself to her in order to get the most benefit from our sessions. She is always reachable, always easy to communicate with, and I do not think that I could work so well with anybody else."
Andrea Konert

Area Director HR Luxury Brands West & East Europe at Marriott International

"The style of both trainers has been fantastic! They struck a perfect balance between individual and group sessions that helped us increase self-awareness of how to improve our performance, which in turn positively influences the team performance. "
Sebastian Bustos Rappa

Head Of Human Resources, LATAM at Grünenthal Group

"Mona’s approach combines a solid scientific approach with the human touch and the experience that give her the know-how for implementation. The result is serious work that people enjoy! With her help, we have been able to reflect on the needs of our team and design a road for improved performance, while being aware of common pitfalls. This is invaluable help for change management."

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