Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.
George Bernard Shaw


Executive Coaching

key2advance recognizes that in today's competitive business environment every team member needs to be self- motivated and capable of performing at his or her maximum potential. This type of coaching is based on a collaborative relationship among the executive, his/her manager, his/her human resources manager, and the executive coach.

Personal coaching

Personal coaching is a powerful process that supports people in releasing their potential and making changes in their lives. The coaching relationship does this by shedding light on limiting belief and thoughts that tend to interfere with what we set out to do. With each session, a new motivation and an awareness is created to help the client move one step closer to his/her goals.


Coaching is for anyone who is going through a period of transition and development in a certain area of their personal or professional life and wants to develop themselves with an external, qualified and non-judgemental coach. We have experience working with senior leaders, managers, young professionals, entrepreneurs and graduates.


Face to face

To assist organizations in obtaining desired individual and team goals, our coaches can be booked for:

Phone coaching

94.3% of coaching sessions are done over the phone and are just as effective as face-to-face coaching. (source: ICF) Clients enjoy these types of sessions due to their flexibility and convenience. Our coaching languages are: English, German, Arabic, Dutch, English, French and Norwegian.

Sebastian Bustos Rappa

Vice President Human Resources, Europe, Africa, Middle East

"Mona’s approach combines a solid scientific approach with the human touch and the experience that give her the know-how for implementation. The result is serious work that people enjoy! With her help, we have been able to reflect on the needs of our team and design a road for improved performance, while being aware of common pitfalls. This is invaluable help for change management."
Titus Hanke

Regional Director of Revenue Management
Southern Europe Starwood Hotels & Resorts

"Mona’s one-on-one session was truly an eye-opener. You cannot even try to compare the value of this session with that of a class-room training: both are excellent, however the personalized, tailor-made approach of the individual encounter was priceless! Thanks for showing me areas of further development opportunities that I can’t wait to work on!"

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