Don't lower expectations to meet performance. Raise level of performance to meet expectations.


Creating High Performance Teams

Employee motivation and morale improves dramatically when people feel that they are valued and their contributions make a difference! During this training session, participants gain a clear understanding of what makes a HPT and learn how to communicate with various personality types. This training focuses both on individual contributions and overall team dynamics.

High Performance Teams in times of change

During this training session, teams will better understand where challenges can arise, how to identify the level they are on, and find the best solution. At the end of the session, team members will have a common language, feel empowered when facing a problem, and acquire concrete problem-solving skills. This session is also useful to help re-focus a team`s goals, create a clear corporate culture, and gain alignment moving forward.

Body & Mind:
Enhancing Performance

This two day body-mind performance workshop helps participants devise strategies and behavioural patterns to improve recovery, reduce stress, and enhance intra-team communication and overall performance. Themes include work-life balance, nutrition, concentration and mindfulness. The workshop consists of indoor and outdoor activities, whilst also offering participants time in the group and individually with both trainers.

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We help any existing team that wants to improve overall performance and is willing to invest in a team session. We also work with newly formed teams that would like to start their working relationships on a positive note. From experience, teams that take a step back from their day-to-day working environment to gain skills and have fun, tend to foster a healthy team culture moving forward.


Off or on-site training

Once we are contacted with a request to hold a team training session, we first gain clarity on the objectives, time frame, the number of participants, and location. After the date and framework are set, we do everything possible to tailor the workshop to the specific needs of the team. We are aware that the purpose of team days is to create lasting memories in addition to gaining practical skills that improve individual and team performance.

In order to strengthen the results, key2advance can also be booked for either pre-work or follow-up sessions with the individual members of a team.

Even Frydenberg

Senior Vice President, Western Europe

"Today was fantastic! The training is about taking a solid performing team to being a really high performing team. We are not looking in the rear view mirror any more. We are just looking ahead and driving for what is next. The only way you can do that, is to know yourself, your team members and how to best work together. It is easier to make changes, when you can do it with a smile in a fun and engaging environment. "
Sandro Bohrmann

Market Vice President, Luxury Brands, Eastern Europe, Marriott

" With their holistic approach on body-mind performance, Mona and Patrick have taken wellbeing to a new level for me. In particular Patrick’s recommendations on nutrition and exercise have triggered some lifestyle changes with me that I still follow now, two years later. As a result, my quality of sleep and recovery have significantly improved. "
Maria Larsson

SVP Finance, Starwood Europe, Africa & Middle East

"An absolutely fantastic workshop that brought my team together in a special way and helped us understand how to leverage on different personalities, strengths and weaknesses as a team going forward. Mona lead this day in a very straight forward and honest manner which helped the team feel comfortable and open up at all times. "
Robert Koren

Vice President, Southern Europe

"Mona listens to our needs and wants, takes a step back to think about the specific teams she has worked with and she builds very good full day training sessions. We leave with huge learning experiences, having had fun and we go back with serious value-add take aways. She has really made the difference for us. "
Hassan Ahdab

Vice President, Africa and Indian Ocean

"Mona has contributed a lot to my region. I asked her to give a team building when I had my new team in Dubai and she has managed to help us leverage on our strengths, which has led to a perfect working relationship. She has also offered coaching sessions to our team to help work on their IDPs. Lastly, she has tailor made programs to improve our presentation skills, team dynamics and how we conduct our meetings. "
Jane Wright

Regional Director of HR Western Europe

"We spent a great day today learning about high performance teams. What Mona was able to do was bring theory to life in a fun and innovative way. We learned about ourselves, each other and how to enhance us working together as a team. It was just the right amount of variety, reflective time and opportunity to connect with each other. "
Thomas Willms

Senior Vice President, Eastern and Central Europe

"I would absolutely recommend this training to other teams! My team is important and we need to perform well, which is why we decided to book a body & mind training with Mona and Patrick. The team left inspired, positive and more informed on how to take care of their physical and mental performance in addition to finding a balance between life and work. "
Andrea Konert

Regional Director of HR, East Central Europe

"The style of both trainers has been fantastic! They struck a perfect balance between individual and group sessions that helped us increase self-awareness of how to improve our performance, which in turn positively influences the team performance. "

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